Saturday 16 Jan, 2021

Starting at 9:00am

Virtual Conference

Online Remo

MeasureCamp Cardiff 2 Event Summary

85 analytics professionals, 24 sessions, 7 hours and a boat load of enthusiasm = one hell of an event!

Thank you to everyone who attended and made it such a special event. Here are the slides and materials we collated from the day. If your deck is missing or you have session notes, then please send them to @measurecamp_sw & we will add them to this list.

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  1. What analytics have you learnt in your first year, by Russell McAthy (Q/A for people in their first years of analytics)
  2. Intro to magento business intelligence by Miles Woolgar
  3. Validating tags by Ben James (Discussion on validating tags & best practices)
  4. Learning’s from running/starting an agency by Nichola Stott (key things from what she has learnt from starting an agency)
  5. Top 10 GA reports to save you money by Phil Pearce
  6. Open-source data modelling & visualisation by John Kellas (Knowledge sharing of art of possible state of the art)
  7. Defining users, visitors, sessions & conversions by Doug Read (How do our definitions differ and why)
  8. SEO & CRO talk/discussion by Nick Brown (How to build and design a website for SEO & CRO using analytics)
  9. Make your job a 100 x easier by Drew Sellers (Automating data QA with Observepoint)
  10. How to get university sites to move quickly by Phil Pearce (Knowledge sharing from a analytics project with sw university)
  11. Customizing analytics by Anna Lewis (Share ideas about useful and fun custom dimensions, metrics, tags and other cool shit)
  12. Basic GA & holistic online approach by Anne-Sophie Pereira (How to help an online shop)
  13. Which metric for our KPI by Louise Foster-Key (Which metric should we use?)
  14. Problems Testing. Test your problems. AB Testing by Tara Brown
  15. SEO dataLayer JSON-LD by Phil Pearce
  16. GA ecommerce reports for non-ecommerce websites by Nathan Stockford
  17. Adobe Analytics by Daniel Rees
  18. Data Studio by Jo Sawyer (Walkthrough, questions & limitations)
  19. Digital analytic & SEO Acceleration by Phil Pearce (This is the post-project summary of a 3 month SEO & Analytics setup for a publishing client. The outcome was 25% organic growth in 3 months! I explain how this was achieved).
  20. Social Analytics & Listening by Anna Lewis +whoever shows 🙂
  21. Analytics, Angular JS and single page apps by Jess Spate
  22. Attribution & clever stuff by Russell McAthy (Marketing attribution chat)
  23. Starting & running meetups by Steve Morgan (Around table to discuss how we can encourage more people to run more meetups, get people along to them etc)
  24. Ask us anything by Russell McAthy & friends (Any questions about marketing & data)

Please send slides to @measurecamp_sw & we will add them to this list.

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