Saturday 16 Jan, 2021

Starting at 9:00am

Virtual Conference

Online Remo

MeasureCamp Cardiff Event Summary

85 analytics professionals, 34 sessions, 7 hours and a boat load of enthusiasm = one hell of an event!

Thank you to everyone who attended and made it such a special event. Here are the slides and materials we collated from the day. If your deck is missing or you have session notes, then please send them to @measurecamp_sw & we will add them to this list.



  1. How to destroy Google Analytics by Charles Meadon
    31 Ways To Destroy Your Google Analytics Implementation
  2. Analytics for 1-2 years experience by Russell McAthy
  3. Data visualisation and story telling with your data by Christie Cluett
  4. Difference between public sector & commercial analytics by Mike Suter-Tibble
    Difference between Analytics in Public Sector vs Private Sector
  5. Assessment & feedback analytics with humanoid robot by Esyin Chew
    Assessment and feedback analytics with humanoid robot
  6. Top 10 GA reports to save you money by Phil Pearce
  7. Quick guide to regular expressions by Jahub Lastun
  8. Attribution A-Z by Dan Truman
  9. Session replay & heatmap tools by Sam Just Eat
  10. Designing & communicating complex processes by Imtiaz khan
  11. Do the most of your analytics tool by Mario Herrera
    Make the most of your Analytics Tool by Mario Herrera
  12. Training – does it always have to be boring? by Jahub Lastun
  13. Adobe Analytics by Alice Moore
  14. When should a bounce not be a bounce? by Jon Boon
  15. Digital transformation & empowering the organisation by Nate Burke
  16. How & why we built a bespoke marketing attribution solution? by Phillip Law
    How & why we built a bespoke marketing attribution solution
  17. Intro to digital analytics by Peter O’Neal
  18. Sampling, Sample Size & Statistical Significance in GA by Jess Spate
  19. GA ecommerce reports for non-ecommerce websites by Nathan Stockford
  20. SEO strategy & SEO reporting by Nick Brown
  21. The ethics of analytics by Charles Meaden
  22. Stakeholders supervision by Alice Moore
  23. Tools of the trade by Jon Boon
  24. SEO dataLayer JSON-LD by Phil Pearce
  25. Experimenting with proximity analysis on mobile devices by David Pugh
    Experimenting with Location and Proximity Analysis Feb 2017
  26. DoubleClick / Cubed by Chris Gleed
  27. Content & site personalisation: Where to start by Anthony Fariweather & Mark Churchill
  28. Tracking Display, Call Centres, TV, Email, DR, Print & more by Russell & Dan
  29. Analytics for Non-analysts by Karen Weider
  30. Ask us anything by Russell McAthy
  31. Cooking, Gardening and Analytics by Chaz & Dave
  32. Analyst Therapy by Peter O’Neal
  33. Analytics & Comedy by Phil Pearce

Please send slides to @measurecamp_sw & we will add them to this list.

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