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Top 20 speakers to look-out at MeasureCamp Cardiff

Deciding which session to attend at MeasureCamp can be tricky, but if you pick a session by either:

  • a person in a similar role
  • or for at similar company
  • or an experience speaker or specialist

…then you increase the chance they will discuss relevant topics & you will learn more! So here are the people, companies and specialist to look out for.

Top 20 Attendees sorted by year experience:

  1. Charles Meaden (Analyst & Site Search Expert)
  2. Peter O’Neill (Founder of MeasureCamp & MeasureBowling)
  3. Phil Pearce (GTM/GA premium specialist & author)
  4. Paul Newbury (Analytics Entrepreneur)
  5. Margriet Groenendijk (IBM watson Expert)
  6. Nate Burke (Dashboard Expert & Ecommerce Director)
  7. Anthony Fairweather (Account Director)
  8. Ryan Webb (CRO & Analytics Director)
  9. Jon Boon (Data Story Teller)
  10. Russell McAthy (Attribution Expert)
  11. Christina XU (Award Winning Analytics Account Manager)
  12. Samuel Knight (Analyst from JustEat)
  13. Neale Denton (Analyst from Legal & General)
  14. Nathan Stockford (Analyst from Yard)
  15. Dave Gough (Operations Director at Psand Ltd)
  16. Jojo Sawyer (Analyst from Ecommerce Consortium)
  17. Keziah McCarthy (Digital Analytics Project Manager for Toyota)
  18. Nicholas Brown (SEO Analytics guru)
  19. Clifton Fathers (PPC Analytics Experts)

Charles_Meaden peter_oneillPhil_Pearce  Margriet_Groenendijk nate_burkeAnthony_FairweatherRyan_WebbRussell_McAthyChristina_Xu Sam_Knight Neale_Denton Dave_Gough3Jo_SawyerKeziah_McCarthyNicholas_Brown Clifton_Fathers

If you think you should be on this list please add your name in the comments below with a link to Linkedin to prove your experience level.



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