Saturday 29 Jul, 2017

Starting at 9:00am

Principality Stadium

Gate 3, Westgate St, Cardiff CF10 1NS

Are You Ready?

I hope you are all as excited as we are for Cardiff first MeasureCamp!

As this is the first Cardiff MeasureCamp I know some of you may have questions around the event and why is it such a big deal. Well I would just like to direct you toward a short video with the MeasureCamp fonder Peter O’Niel.

You enjoy the video? I know I bet you can’t wait, but here are some points to take away from the video:

  • Free to attend! Leave your wallet in your pocket for the day!
  • The normal discussion after the conference for the whole day in an unconference format. Unconference means the day is run by us – me, you, anyone who attends MeasureCamp can run a session.
  • The rules of the unconference are to help you gain as much knowledge from the day as possible, for example if you don’t like a session, leave the session and attend another!
  • Different sizes rooms for a whole variety of different sessions, come show us something new.
  • Jobs board – looking for someone for that job, wandering where all the talented people are, well they will be at MeasureCamp!

To run your own session just show up on the day fill in our session card and stick it on the board like Peter said. If you know what your session will be in advance, then download a print-out here and add a bit of spice to it!

Due to a small batch of resale tickets we now have a small amount of tickets on sale for the day, tell your colleagues and friends as this day will be a great day for people in the digital community and the start of something new for Cardiff!


Still not sure where to stay, there is a Holiday Inn just up the road from the event who will happily take you, or if you are feeling posh the Cardiff Marriott Hotel is close by. If you are more of an Air BnB person, then there are plenty of options still available to make yourself feel at home here:

Many Thanks & See you in 8 days time!

MeasureCamp SW Team.

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